GWHS Answering Services offers a suite of services for your medical practice.

Live Answering Services.

Our calls are truly answered live, never placed in a queue. Your callers will never need to worry about which number they are in line or how many callers are ahead of them. We answer all of our calls live, staff shifts in proportion to charted and measured call volumes, and monitor and respond to fluctuations in call volumes in real-time.

Hospital & Emergency Communications.

Stop wondering about missed messages or why you receive messages that aren’t intended for you. Our message delivery and call routing procedures are a part of a system of checks and balances which allow our operators to efficiently and accurately navigate on-call information and contact preferences so your messages get to you when they are supposed to get to you.

Patient Access Services.

It’s too easy to say that accurate message information is important — it’s critical. Inaccurate message information causes customer service inconveniences and actual delays in patient care. All message information is verified according to our quality assurance protocols so that the messages you receive contain the message information that was given to us.