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GWHS Answering Services offers our live answering services as a complete solution including everything your practice needs from your answering service.

No queue, always live.

Our calls are truly answered live, never placed in a queue. Your callers will never need to worry about which number they are in line or how many callers are ahead of them. We answer all of our calls live, staff shifts in proportion to charted and measured call volumes, and monitor and respond to fluctuations in call volumes in real-time.

Real-time information changes.

You can rest assured knowing that when your office staff or providers call us with account information changes, protocol changes or scheduling changes — the changes will be made. We have several layers of internal communication mechanisms which allow all necessary personnel to be notified as the changes occur.

Accurate message taking.

It’s too easy to say that accurate message information is important — it’s critical. Inaccurate message information causes customer service inconveniences and actual delays in patient care. All message information is verified according to our quality assurance protocols so that the messages you receive contain the message information that was given to us.

Helpful & friendly operators.

There’s nothing worse than calling somewhere and immediately knowing the person who answered the phone has no desire of speaking to you, let alone helping you. Serving the healthcare community requires a continual professionalism and desire to help. Providing excellent customer service experiences is at the heart of what we do as an answering service.

Message delivery & call routing.

Stop wondering about missed messages or why you receive messages that aren’t intended for you. Our message delivery and call routing procedures are a part of a system of checks and balances which allow our operators to efficiently and accurately navigate on-call information and contact preferences so your messages get to you when they are supposed to get to you.

Emergency situations.

Our staff answers telephone calls for all medical specialties and services. Our company history in the medical answering service industry is deeply rooted in emergency communications. Training for emergency situations is a critical component of our job, and it is a part of our job that we manage with a life-and-death seriousness.

On-call schedule management.

Regardless of how your office handles on-call scheduling or coverages, you can trust that once you give us your schedule our scheduling team will manage it from there. No matter how complex your schedules or algorithms are, our team will break down your scheduling information in a way that will allow our operators to follow it intuitively — consistently.

Easy access & support.

Direct access to our management team is a key component of what makes working with us so easy. Our support team is always available. Help of any sort is always just a phone call or email away. Working with us comes with the promise that your questions, concerns or problems will always be met with the attention and responsiveness every customer deserves.

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