GWHS Answering Services is compatible with all major secure messaging platforms.

Many medical practices and healthcare organizations already have familiarity with one secure text messaging platform or another. Whether you already have a user account with a major secure text messaging service provider or you are already in the market for a secure messaging solution, our integrated messaging services will allow our operators to send messages to you via your platform of choice.

We have worked hard to establish close relationships with all of the best and most popular secure messaging service providers so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your answering service to seek out a communications partner that is compatible with the secure messaging solution familiar to your practice or organization. We are compatible with TigerConnect, QliqSOFT, DocHalo, and more.

For your convenience and ease, we have entered into reseller relationships so we can directly provide you with the secure text messaging or secure paging solution that makes the most sense for your practice or organization.

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