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GWHS Answering Services will help your practice meet HIPAA compliance standards with our secure messaging services.

HIPAA regulations have made standard text messages, emails and pagers a thing of the past for the healthcare community. Mandates require practices to use only HIPAA-compliant secure messaging services for sending and receiving PHI. Hardline faxing and HIPAA-compliant forms of paging, emailing and texting have been deemed to be the only secure methods for sending messages containing PHI.

Compatible with all Major Secure Messaging Platforms.

If your practice already utilizes HIPAA-compliant secure messaging services, there’s a good chance we are compatible. We have integrated our messaging services with the most popular secure messaging platforms used by healthcare organizations around the country. Our messaging services are compatible with TigerConnect, QliqSOFT, DocHalo, and others.

Reseller Licensing.

To help our busy clients easily establish a HIPPAA-compliant messaging system, we have entered into reseller relationships with multiple secure messaging service providers. If your practice has not already begun utilizing HIPAA-compliant secure messaging services, we can help you get set up with secure messaging services for your office staff and providers for practice-wide and after-hours communications.

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