patient access services

GWHS Answering Services offers a suite of front-end services designed to help keep your practice running smoothly.

Our front-end services are offered as a full suite of patient access services, to specific individual services that will help free up your busy practice’s staff to work on other pressing office tasks and reduce patient wait times.

Full-Suite Patient Access Services

Allow us to handle all of your practice’s front-end services. We’ll handle patient scheduling, directions, provider directories and referral lookups, follow-ups and more. When you are running a busy practice, you need help to manage your patient’s calls and requests. From appointment scheduling to follow up patient engagements, we can help you with all of your front-end tasks. . If a patient needs a referral or to speak with a provider, we simply forward the request to the appropriate person or department. With our full suite of patient access services we can take all of your calls and handle the calls just as your office would handle the call.

Help Desk Receptionist Services

Simple secretarial services that allow us to take your calls, route calls and messages to the appropriate staff members or departments, and reduce patient wait times — while your staff is busy at work. Backups with calls, messages and patient requests can be overwhelming when you are busy or short-staffed. We can help keep your patient wait times to a minimum while simultaneously keeping your workflow moving by taking your calls during office hours. We will keep things simple for you by taking your calls and messages and routing the calls and messages to the appropriate person or department.

Follow Up Services

From follow up appointment scheduling to patient satisfaction surveys, we can engage your patients post-visit in meaningful ways to promote convenience and boost retention. Allow our team to provide additional conveniences to your patients and boost patient retention by engaging in follow up appointment scheduling or reminders, post-visit instructions, educational or informational outreach and patient surveys.

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