hospital & emergency communications

GWHS Answering Services can work closely with your organization to facilitate your critical communications.

ED, Hospitalists & Intensivists Programs Free up your hospital resources by allowing our team to handle your in-house communications.

We will document all calls directly from the units, then contact the appropriate providers with messages. Following complex scheduling algorithms and nuanced contact protocols can put a strain on unit personnel who are in need of reaching hospitalist and intensivist program providers quickly, while simultaneously juggling all other work tasks and responsibilities. Our staff can handle those critical messaging steps in place of your unit personnel, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Emergency hotlines, emergency dispatch, emergency alert systems, emergency notification monitoring.

Whatever emergency communications needs you have, we can help. We can work with your team to help you with whatever emergency communication needs you may have. From emergency hotlines for STEMI/AMI program calls, to broadcasting emergency alerts to key personnel, to real-time emergency notification monitoring — we can help. Let us know what your specific needs are, and we will work with you to develop and implement a service strategy.

Transfer Center
Allow us to operate your hospital’s transfer center.

 We can offer a wide range of solutions for patients being transferred to and from your hospital. As hospital service lines grow, getting emergency and non-emergency patients to you can become an increasingly complex and time-consuming process. A dedicated and flexible communications channel becomes critical. From fielding calls and receiving patient demographics from referring organizations to facilitating and monitoring progress with transport, we can work with your key personnel to put together and implement a workflow for getting patients to you quickly and efficiently.

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