management, training
& quality assurance

GWHS Answering Services invests the time and resources necessary to manage quality standards.

Managing performance starts with hiring. You’ll never have to worry about underqualified staff answering your telephone calls.

We work tirelessly to make sure only the best qualified individuals are trusted with the responsibility of handling your calls by carefully and critically conducting our hiring process.

Our management team. Our management team is hands-on, effective and committed.

We work together as a team, utilizing effective communication to analyze, problem solve and innovate. Our management team is always available and easily accessible. Our streamlined communication processes allow us to respond to all inquiries or concerns quickly and effectively. We are always here to help.

Quality assurance. The term quality assurance is not a cliché.

We are relentless in our pursuit of operational perfection. Our quality monitoring processes are performed around the clock. Quality assurance processes are introduced into every aspect of our operations. We have implemented strict metrics, designated roles for real-time monitoring and streamlined communication processes to ensure performance standards are met at all levels of operation, at any time of the day

Training. You’ll never have to worry about undertrained operators.

We take a great deal of pride in our training processes.  Our training process is rigorous and complete. Only the best make it through. Our training process is thorough and hands-on. Training supervisors work side-by-side all trainees, closely monitoring all calls and work performance. The process is challenging and stimulating, designed to build confidence and comradery while learning the fine and critical details of the job.

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